What is VPN IP Hiding?

Hiding your IP address through a VPN service is basically using a VPN to change your visible IP address. But true IP hiding is essential for online privacy and security. VPNs take a user’s encrypted data through a private VPN tunnel to a VPN server to do this. The process is important because the VPN ensures that the user’s original IP stays hidden even when someone tries to look for it.

What is VPN IP Address Routing?

Getting information from an IP address is very easy. Many people have known for years how to get details like names and physical locations directly from an IP address. From there they use an IP to trace further. They can learn almost any private detail imaginable about a person. This is very dangerous because it can lead to theft, loss of job, increased medical insurance rates, and so much more.

IP address rerouting is simply sending your Internet traffic through an alternate IP address so your original IP address is hidden. VPNs do this particularly well because they encrypt user data and send it through a private tunnel to make sure nothing can used to trace back to the user. The VPN servers then provide the user with an alternate IP address that is anonymous and can only lead back to the VPN service if traced.

Covering all the holes that attackers can use to discover an original IP address makes the process secure. It is therefore vital to choose a reliable VPN provider. The VPN must provide high encryption, strong protocols and reliable server connections to properly hide your IP address.

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